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Estate and Trust Administration

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Cartwright Partners  takes a hands-on, personalized approach to a variety of trust services, managing sensitive matters with expertise, objectivity and thoughtful decision-making. We have extensive experience coordinating the estate, tax, and fiduciary accounting issues involved with the administration of estates and trusts and will be at your side throughout the process. We take a team approach in which the trustee, beneficiaries and professional advisors all work together to carry out the wishes of the grantor. We can serve as the fiduciary on revocable, irrevocable, testamentary, charitable, marital, estate settlement and administrative trusts. Our assistance includes minimizing tax obligations, gathering assets, and consulting with financial advisors regarding transferring assets to beneficiaries. We will also prepare gift and estate tax returns and provide ongoing tax planning to reduce liabilities.

Our accountants are well equipped to advise and guide executors, trustees, and guardians in their fiduciary duties. We help ensure you are accurately following the law and protecting the interests of the beneficiaries to the best of your ability.  We can also serve as either executor, or co-executor, personal representative or co-personal representative.

Fiduciary Services for Trustees and Executors

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  • Review trust documents for tax purposes
  • Prepare trust income tax returns – Form 1041
  • Prepare fiduciary accountings
  • Estate and trust planning
  • Guardianship accountings
  • Income and estate tax projections for estates and trusts
  • Trust income tax compliance
  • Income tax returns for individuals and beneficiaries
  • Gift tax returns - Form 709
  • Fiduciary tax returns
  • Ongoing tax planning for estate and trust
  • Payroll and payroll taxes for household employees
  • Investment tracking for tax purposes and capital gains/losses